Beach fun near the Castle - Embo House

Luxury, Dog-friendly Highland Accommodation at Embo House

Our dog Nala loves the Highlands. It’s not just the endless opportunities to roam across mountain and moor. It’s also the opportunity to swim in lochs and burns, or doggy surf on the stunning beaches at Dornoch and Embo. We’re sure it keeps her in peak condition. And her coat is especially silky and sweet as a result of the soft, clean waters she enjoys bathing in.

It’s surprising how little luxury, dog-friendly, Highland accommodation there is. Being dog-lovers ourselves we thought it only fair that our four-legged friends be allowed to join in the fun. The garden at Embo House provides 8 acres to exercise in, and there are lovely walks from the house down to the sea or along the footpaths to nearby Dornoch or Embo. We provide baskets, feeding bowls and special dog towels, so dogs can enjoy a bit of a “cleansing massage” on their return from manoeuvres, and have some R&R! …And in the unlikely event that your pooch gets ill, there is an excellent vet in town.

Of course, we respect those who do not enjoy the company of our canine friends. So we are strict about asking that dogs remain downstairs and that any mess in the garden is removed immediately. Nala doesn’t seem to mind.

Then there is the issue of going out. Some of the pubs nearby – including the Trentham Hotel and the Coach House are happy for a dog to join you for a drink or bar meal. Cocoa Mountain coffee (& chocolate) house is also dog-friendly, and if you venture across the bridge to Tain, the restaurant & coffee shop, Platform 1864 also permits dogs.

There may be occasions when you want to use Embo House as a base to explore somewhere further afield (eg a trip to the Orkney islands or the west coast) and leave your dog at home. If so, there are a few options. With enough notice we can usually help you organise an experienced dog-sitter who can make sure that your hounds are exercised properly and fed whilst you are away.

So if you’re looking for a spot of luxury, dog-friendly Highland accommodation, look no further than Embo House! (And don’t be shy about asking your dog for a second opinion.)

Stunning view at Embo House

Simply the best Dornoch Firth View!

Well I know I’m biased, but I do (not so) secretly believe that here at Embo House we have the best Dornoch Firth view there is! Those canny Georgians who built the house at the end of the 18th Century, knew a good thing when they saw one, so the front of the house faces the sea and nearly all the rooms have a great Dornoch Firth view – including seven out of eight of the bedrooms. Which means you can lie in bed, open the shutters and see this, as the sun rises in the morning over the firth:

Dornoch Firth View at Sunrise

My favourite way to make the most of the morning is then to take a bath with – of course, a Dornoch Firth view!

The best Dornoch Firth view in Embo House

This bathroom is bang in the centre of the house on the second floor and affords the most magnificent Dornoch Firth view we can provide. I can sometimes see people walking along the old railway line at the top of the dunes between Dornoch and Embo, but I’m fairly sure they can’t see me!

We have some spectacular viewpoints in the grounds too, since a wonderful old “haha” surrounds the front of the garden and gives us an uninterrupted view, without the need for walls or fences. Jim particularly likes the Dornoch Firth view from the Tree house, (though he’s actually looking the wrong way to catch it, in this photo!)

Platform in the garden at Embo House  

But it seems we are not alone in admiring this Dornoch Firth view. Excitingly, we have now had a number of young couples coming to see the house as a potential venue for their wedding. And yes, it is normally that wonderful Dornoch Firth view which sways them in our favour. There is a wooden structure which you can just see to the right of the picture below, which we think is the perfect spot to take an important vow. Hope you agree!